Saturday, 19 April 2008

Today's Fortune

Well got up little late today...yesterdays party went upto 2 AM and it was 3 when i hit the bed...wanted to sleep for a long time but got "SAP Alarm point" call...There were days when I used to enjoy ringing of my mobile phone..Calls from my close ADDA boyz, Dad and sweet voices of those pretty (girl)friends...But what has happened now??? getting calls from alarm points..filesystem full, job failed, abap dump occured, user locked..HUH...ridiculous.......

Logged into orkut to see if there is any change the same number...Immediately my attention was caught by "Today's Fortune" tab..

Today's fortune: A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you

Sounds intresting!!! So where will be this my mobile or my mailbox?? Obviously not in my mobile...So opened all my mail accounts...Hmm no new mails in my office mail ids...nothin in hotmail and gmail...Let me check yahoo..YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! A new mail has come!!! Opened the mailbox thinking this is something which is cheerful for me today.......But what was that????????????????????

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