Sunday, 27 April 2008

If wishes were donuts beggars would be fat

Ok, I've been asked by many of my friends about my wish list. I'm vaguely uncomfortable putting this out here. If this doesnt interest you please stop reading now.
  • Tell someone I love them. Telling someone you love them can be both the hardest and the easiest thing to say, yet can mean so much.
  • Geting Married and to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life
  • Start saving money
  • To visit Paris, the city of love and romance
  • To kiss underwater, something very sexy and romantic
  • Slow Dance in the Moonlight
  • Sleep under the stars and to feel the awe of space and time.
  • To go on a Scuba-dive
  • Have a weekend away with friends and do whatever the hell we want
  • Give an abandoned pet a permanent home
  • To watch sunrise and to hear the birds singing and feel the crisp morning air
  • Become a parent. There is nothing else on earth that will make you feel so complete, protective, proud, old and young or energetic and tired, as having a child.
  • To give blood
  • To send my mom and dad on a holiday cruiser
  • Watch a cricket match in Lords
  • To take a walk in the rain
  • To adopt a child
  • Give to charity
  • Test drive a BMW
  • Invent a new cocktail
  • Build a new house with attached cellar bar
  • Write a novel
  • Walk... walk.. walk.. and walk with no destination
  • To die peacefully in sleep

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