Thursday, 26 June 2008

Gym-Not My Type

Well its been more than a month since I started going to gym. All I feel about it is like torturing yourself. Recent studies have shown that for some people, exercise has no beneficiary effects at all. I think I fall in this category. Didnt seem to loose any weight so far.

Every evening in gym is a sweat soaked, knee crunching and shoulder busting routine. I usually start with the tread mill where in I put in the time, inclination and speed. I set it to 35 minutes, 3.5 inclination and 6.0 miles/hour. For the first 10 minutes things looks pretty easy and I burn around 100 calories. After that I start feeling the pain in my muscles. Things starts getting difficult. I reduce the speed of my treadmill to 4miles/hr and inclination drops to 2. Much Better!!! Well 35 minutes on this horrible machine.5..4..3..2..1..0..aah I m done..First torture is over...Ultimately when I end up on this the speed will be 3 miles and inclination 0. Calorie burnt around 300!!!

My mind often tells at this stage that I' m done. Forgetting those awful muscle pains I start 5000m rowing. It looks simple when I start but when I complete around 2000m I start getting immense pain in my hands. I swear time has come to a standstill. Stopped at 2500m. Not bad, calorie burnt around 50 but 10 minutes of agony in my arms on the rowing machine.

Cycling??????? – Arms are now killing so I'll give them a rest.

Abdomen stresser?? Oh dear!! Its 8.30 and I have to go. Time stopped me from doing what I intended to do. No regrets.

Hurray!! Its over..It's still a mystery to me but I get there in the end. The object of this whole thing for me is to lose weight and get fit – I don't want six pack abs. Well, I keep this going and I might get somewhere.