Saturday, 9 May 2009

What is the goal?

What is the goal? ....this question is killing me. Ofcourse I know making money, having respect and recognition in our own society is what we are striving for .....but then since we are blessed with the opputunity to think different and think far scientifically .....what is that with which we will be satisfied and peaceful with our own innerself. It confuses me more when i realize everything will end at some point of time ......I used "point of time" ....not day or night ! ...the more I think I get more close to philosophical answers, which I find it even harder to understand at this point of my life !
One thing I feel good about expressing such confusing thoughts is clears my mind for's like the clutter which gets collected in ur OS and u need to clean ur hard drive from time to time ! ....
When I allow my thoughts to control my typing i never end with the topic message....anyway I gotta get out of here, before I start stinking in sweat !!

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