Thursday, 31 July 2008

Firsts, Lasts, Evers and a Choice


First Best Friend: My Dad
First Pet: Manisha
First Crush: Ganga
First Company: Alldata Development Center
First Car: Maruti 800
First Onsite: Vietnam


Last Car Ride: 2 months back-BMW
Last Movie Seen: Like in the Theater? Tashan
Last Phone Call: 10 min back from MP
Last song played: "Hrudayave Ninna Hesarige Barede Nanne Naa" from Belli Modagalu

Have You Evers?

Have You Ever Lived Overseas: Yes. I lived in Vietnam and United Kingdom.
Have You Ever Been without a shower for 2 weeks?: No
Have You Ever Had a Close Relative live to 100yrs old? No
Have You Ever met a celebrity: No
Have You Ever fallen asleep at work: Yes

Have You Ever touched a snake: Yes, A big python over my shoulders

Person You Can Tell *Almost* Anything To: My Dad


Black or White: White, It a symbol of Peace

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